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Fresh Salad

Healthy Catering

Special events require special attention. Whether you need food and planning for Mother's Day, a graduation party, holidays, anniversaries, milestones, or any other special occasion, guarantee a lifelong memory through catering a spread that can astound with a range of delectable dishes specially crafted for the event.


Our fresh food catering offers a wide selection of choices that are sure to pique your taste buds. You'll be able to taste the crispness and vibrancy in each of our dishes. With our healthy catering, you can feel good about what you're eating and serving to all of your guests.


We offer menu planning that can help make your event as casual or dressy as you like. The sky's the limit when you consider the different themes, colors, or moods you want to set, and K8TER 2 YOU is ready to help you make it happen. Whether you're looking to have some DIY fun with build-it-yourself tacos or a more formal affair with multiple courses, there's something for everyone and every kind of party you're having.


Call K8TER 2 YOU today in San Francisco, CA, and start building your personalized event catering experience with us. Let our food be the centerpiece for making new memories!

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